Phil Johnson has been keeping a closer eye on the End of the Spear stuff than I’ve had time to, and obviously reads more widely in the blogosphere than I do, so this article is a must read. Good grief, what a royal mess! Can’t the liberal media read more than a few paragraphs and track with a context? Or is it just that they have such a low view of a “fundamentalist” that they don’t even think they have to bother?
For me, finally getting a chance to watch the Larry King program that had Al Mohler and Janet Parshall (Janet used to like me—I was on her program over a dozen times and we always had a great time, but after The Potter’s Freedom came out, the lights went out–I still think she does a great job anyway), and despite the horrific job King did (he couldn’t hide his prejudice, nor did he attempt to), a clear message was indeed communicated. But the position presented by the actor/gay advocate was so clear that it ended all confusion on my part as to the role he played in EOTS. In any case, once more pondering the utter confusion to be seen in reference to such issues in America, in constrast with the wild-eyed fanaticism being displayed again with reference to comic caricatures in Islamic nations, together with the displaying of a Christ picture with Osama Bin Laden’s face (here hat tip Silly Brit) in New York…I’m half tempted to go back to bed and hope it is all a bad dream. Oh, forgot…check out the Christian Union at Birmingham University having its bank account frozen because…it refuses to open its membership to…non Christians here. I wonder if they insist the Muslim groups must do the same thing? Yes, the World Craziness Index is high this morning, very high indeed.

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