OK, download the .wav file for that really neat Twilight Zone music and play it while reading the ravings of IM. See, after I dared to interact with one of his articles (no, no one there has bothered to actually read what I said and respond to it–the act of actually responding, without agreeing, is so hateful to them, so nasty, that to actually think it might be worthwhile listening is beyond the realm of possibility), IM closed down one of his blogs. Never crossed my mind that responding to a shot at “us Calvinists” would result in that, but hey, I’ve been accused of closing down publishing houses and book retailers, so why not a blog? So I’ve been reading some of the comments, just rolling my eyes at the utter lack of any serious interaction with anything I said, when I run across IM explaining why he won’t re-open his other blog. Aside from various really bad things about me, he says:

So, here it is. Opening IM right now would mean my archives will be scoured by these people totally out of context and with malicious intent to portray me as an unbeliever, excerpts pasted and sent out to the Calvinist blogosphere, etc. Imagine what “I Hate Theology,” “I Have My Doubts” and “When I Am Weak” sound like to people gunning for me as a burning partner for Brian McLaren?

I’m sorry, but if this fellow thinks anyone out here is so focused upon him and his views that we would waste precious time going “after” him…well, such a mind-set is simply bordering on the neurotic. Oh, and by the way…closing down the blog is useless. IM mentioned an article up above, “When I Am Weak.” Ten seconds on Google pulled it up in the cache. So, really, that can’t be the real reason. I was right when I first saw this: closing it down is a self-inflicted act of martyrdom, nothing else. And, as the category I’ve added puts it, it is just plain silly.

Dear Mr. Monk:

I’m sorry I tried to talk to you. I didn’t know you were so…unwilling to listen to anyone else’s experience, anyone else’s beliefs–at least, if those people happen to believe in objective truth, inerrancy, divine realities, and the centrality of the gospel to the definition of the faith. Please feel free to open up your blog again. Please feel free to do what you wish. I really don’t have time to be looking through your archives, even if I had the slightest desire to do so, which, I assure you, I do not. I have an article to finish this afternoon on textual criticism and the ministry of preaching; I have a Master’s Thesis to finish reading, PPT’s to generate for my debate in OKC this coming Friday, too. I really don’t have time for the inquisition you seemingly wish to accuse me of, so, you can relax. Really. Call off your hounds who are sending me all sorts of really loving, open-minded, spiritual e-mails. Evidently, hanging around in taverns has adverse effects upon one’s…behavior. In any case, once again, I’m sorry you have no interest in hearing what I said. I tried. Nice thing is, the Lord knows my motivations, and that’s all that counts in the end, wouldn’t you agree?

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