According to the Berean Call website, Dave Hunt will be debating Shabir Ally on February 23rd at 7pm at the All Saints Catholic High School (???) in Whitby, Ontario. The title is “Christianity vs. Islam.” Interestingly, this is the third of three debates Hunt is scheduled to do in only 24 hours: the first on Hinduism the night before, the second on atheism at high noon on the 23rd. I wouldn’t try such a schedule at my age, which is considerably less than Dave’s, simply out of respect for the audience and the requisite time in study I would have to invest to make the debates worthwhile. But I keep forgetting that Dave mastered the entire corpus of the writings of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Bucer, the Westminster Divines, etc., in only a few months, so that must be how he can do this.
   I had been informed that someone was trying to arrange such a “debate,” but I had hoped one of two things, or both, would happen: 1) Shabir Ally would realize that to engage in this debate would involve a violation of his own stated purposes for debating, and that Mr. Hunt lacks the background and scholarship to provide him with a meaningful debate on the topic; or, 2) Dave Hunt would realize that accepting such a challenge (if the challenge came from others, I have no way of knowing) or offering such a challenge would be utter foolishness, for Dave would take the time to listen to Shabir’s presentations and realize that his approach is far outside of Dave’s areas of study. Of course, that assumes Dave would take the time to seriously study Shabir’s presentations, and I have no reason to believe he would do so, in light of my experiences with him over the past decade. It was also my hope that Hunt would realize that to debate Shabir Ally only proves that his refusal to debate me, despite his on-going crusade against Calvinism, is a purposeful avoidance prompted by his realization that he cannot answer the questions I would pose to him.
   I am personally disappointed in Shabir Ally for accepting this challenge. I would say I am disappointed in Dave Hunt as well, but that would require me to have significantly higher expectations than my experience of late would lead me to have.

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