Tony Byrne, the gentleman whose comments on 2 Peter 3:9 I addressed yesterday, has demanded I link to him now. No, he can’t show any misrepresentation, but I guess he wants the traffic. I find it odd that he has been sniping at me on his own blog for months but if I dare demonstrate his arguments are self-refuting, non-exegetical, and vacuous, I have breached some code of ethics! He even claims he “owns” the “form of the expressions” to his argument! What an amazing thing: if I name names, I take heat for being “mean.” If I refute arguments and leave names out of it, I’m unethical! Can’t win for trying, it seems. So if you would like to compare how accurately I represented his original article, here it is. Of course, that is the same link I referred to on the Founder’s blog, but I guess that isn’t generating enough traffic. You will see that I interacted with his arguments with complete fairness and accuracy.

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