So you all know I use a Palm Tungsten T3. I carry Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew texts, the text for almost all of my books, and lots and lots of resources in .pdf and Repligo formats. I use it as my calendar, my weather station, and yes, I have some really cool games just in case I am stuck at the airport and just can’t force myself to read or write anymore.

Now, if you, like me, enjoy tweaking the looks of your interface on your computer (I use the Object Desktop suite of programs, mainly using WindowBlinds to alter the look of my computer a few times each week), you may have wished you could do the same with your Palm. Well, you can. I have used SilverScreen as my program of choice on that level since back on my original Tungsten T. I have the ability to create my own skins, and have made three, grand total, but that is a long process, and I generally do not have that kind of time (let alone that kind of skill). So I’ve looked around at skins and themes that are available, and the absolute best I’ve found, bar none, are found at Designs by Darcy. That is especially true if you like lots of color (and, given my fractal nature, that’s a given). The screen-shot to the right, for example, is the current theme I have on my T3 (as of today anyway). So if you’ve been looking to spice up the boring interface provided by Palm, here’s a neat way to do it. Enjoy!

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