Bummed you aren’t with us in Orlando? Missed seeing me shaking hands with John Shelby Spong in the corridor just now? Well, keep a stiff upper lip, bucko! The geeks amongst you may rejoice! There will be live blogging from the conference! Yes indeedy, proving that our folks are uber-geeks, some who are attending the event have put together www.pulpitcrimes.blogspot.com, and they will be blogging live as the conference and debate progresses! So tonight, when Tom Ascol and I do our “What We Wish the Students at Liberty Could Have Heard” presentation, you’ll be able to catch the action…not exactly live, in the sense of a live audio stream (someday, someday), but you’ll be able to follow via that blog! So bookmark it and join in the experience of our national conference in Orlando, even if you aren’t here! And pray for us as well as we seek to honor the Lord, and defend His truth!

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