With the availability of huge, 1-gig and above SD cards for Palm devices now, it is great to see resources like this coming on line. Louw & Nida’s Greek lexicon based upon semantic domains is now available for Palm from OliveTree (they also make available the Gramcord Greek NT). As I traveled in England/Scotland, and as I look forward to a trip to Italy in a few weeks, I find my Palm T3 an invaluable resource. I used it as my preaching text more than once, and it is so much easier to study from it while on a train or a plane than it is to try to dig out the laptop. Now, of course, my laptop has a full Libronics library on it, etc., and the Palm devices are not quite ready for that huge amount of data, but believe me, as one who started with a painfully slow, green-screen Palm device with a whopping 2 megs of total memory, having the Greek text, Gramcord, Louw-Nida, and all the rest I have on my T3 is a tremendous blessing. Geeks unite and check it out.

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