Intro to Apologetics class in Charlotte

Intro to Apologetics class in Charlotte

We had better be using these avenues while we still can.  Tuesday afternoon I had the privilege of teaching an introduction to apologetics class for Michael Brown’s ministry.  Now aside from the kidding I got for being a Calvinist (fully expected!), what made it pretty unusual for me was that I was sitting in the Dividing Line studio and the students were in a classroom across the nation.  Yet, most of the time, I could see them with HD clarity, and we were able to communicate clearly.  So I was able to take questions and interact with the students, use my Keynote presentations, Accordance, etc.  It was great!  We used Google+ Hangouts to get it done.

This is an avenue I want to pursue.  I would like to find a “geeky” church—that is, a church with geeks in leadership—to schedule a live seminar and q&a session in the near future, to be done via the same technology.  If you’d be interested, used the contact link to let us know.


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