OK, I have joined the legions of mind-numbed zombies with a Blackberry. I must admit it is the most amazingly well designed, intuitive electronic device I have ever used. It is the closest thing I will probably ever have to a secretary. Just amazing. So, I’ve been looking to put juts a few things on it to increase its usefulness since it will be the one item with me at pretty much all times. I am not looking to replace the massive library of stuff I have on my Palm, as that will continue to function as before. But there are times you just want to “go light,” so I’ve put a Bible on it, for example, and a few utilities. Well, last evening I saw a section called “religion” so I started looking around, and found the “Quran Reader Pro.” I have a number of Islamic programs on my computers, such as Al-Alim, but I am amazed at the capabilities of this program, including search functions in Arabic! Of course, I should probably avoid standing in line at the airport using it, but it is a great addition to my library of resources. I have used the Qur’an on my Palm a dozen times while giving presentations all across the country and in the UK. I have a limited amount of memory, and as I noted, am not looking to replace my Palm, so it is just a matter of “what you might need in a flash” as to what I load on the Blackberry. I will probably put the LDS Scriptures on as well since I have that in the MobiPocket edition. Geeks press on!

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