{Note: This entire entry is written tongue-in-cheek, the real point is to make you aware of the resources]

I want to take a moment and set a “story” straight. It is a story I heard a number of times this week and I simply want everyone to know the facts of the matter.

Back in August of 2004, Dr. White flew into Maryland where I picked him up from the airport and we drove to Middletown, PA (about an 1 hour and 45 minutes drive, give or take a minute or two). The reason Dr. White came to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania was to teach a class (conference) on apologetics, Aug. 20-21 and also to preach on the 22nd at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

The topics Dr. White covered varied: Open Theism, Justification, Sufficiency of Scripture, etc. etc. We all know that in order to sufficiently cover these topics, one needs time to do so. After James finished with the class (conference) and preaching, we headed to Gettysburg (see Back from PA (this is prior to me holding to a stricter view of the Sabbath) 🙂 You will notice in this blog post that Dr. White says he is “exhausted.” From what, I do not know.

Interestingly enough, after about 6 years, I have finally posted the audio of Dr. White from that conference. But first, from the files of Archive.org, you can check out the facts by looking at the original schedule here. In the title of this blog, I say “give or take an hour or so” because I failed to record one of the sessions so I’m not sure the exact amount of time.

On thing is for sure, the story I kept hearing over the past couple of days has been consistent, from 2004 until now. For example, you may want to check out the statements made at the beginning of this audio, first.

You can check out the audio from the 2004 Apologetics Conference by going here.

So, if you ever wonder how Dr. White and I met, if someone tells you the story about how we met, simply bookmark this blog entry and refer back to it.

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