Dr. White,
Interestingly as a flaming Pentecostal, I was not hesitant to accept this strange system of doctrine called Reformed Theology when I encountered it on your site. While your debates on Calvinism served to fortify my already strong conviction of Calvinist doctrine (I had been ‘converted’ before by some other Calvinist teachers). It was your love for Church History that dragged me into loving to listen to your debates and the Dividing Line. It was my dipping into Islam and Romanism at one point to see if they had any valid claims to being the replacement of Christianity or true Christianity, respectively. Now, I’m a recovering Pentecostal who affirms God’s absolute sovereignty and literally LOVES Church History. The difference is that through your site, podcasts and debates I can now balance Church History with a proper theology and doctrine of Scripture. God bless you. (And Rich too, I guess 😉 )

I often hear you mention London and US but do you know that even in Asia (in the Philippines) your ministry has been used by God? I am grateful to have bought your book “The Roman Catholic Controversy”. Your ministry has been used by God to straighten my views and become a 5 point Calvinist (though I never like this terminology to the biblical view of salvation). It has been 3 years now since I’ve accidentally accessed your web page. The debates are great! Yet, it also reminds me that debates is not the end all activity but merely the beginning of a life long study for the truth. It is my prayer that more than the information, argumentation and refutation of false doctrines; the Holy Spirit will use such intellectual grounding into a deeper relationship and walk with God among Christians.

You have encouraged me to study the Scripture deeply. More than studying, to walk with the Lord in a committed way. I praise the Lord that He used your ministry to inspire a young corporate auditor to love Greek and Theology. I could not imagine how corporate controls and governance theories blend with soteriology, Trinity and etc. But the Lord works in very mysterious ways! I said to myself, “I would rather be an expert in the things of God and about His love and character than be an expert in the things of the world that tomorrow fades away.” May the Lord bless your ministry greatly and may he cause you more to be humble because our God is using you for the edification of His people. When the time comes that God will pass on the torch to the next generation, I pray that people like me who heard the Gospel will walk your walk and face the errors that christians and non-christians hold with boldness in public debates or personal engagements. May we never be ashamed as you provided as an example to not be ashamed of the Gospel.

You will not be alone in your ministry as you stand in the pulpit delivering your opening, rebuttals and closing parts. There are a lot of us who join you in our own pulpits in the corporate world who stand for God and a commitment for truth. As you do your God given task, we will also do our assignment and God will knit together our efforts for His glory. But, Dr. White, we don’t have the luxury of time to go in the libraries and read theological books as much as you do. So, at times, God prompt us to read AOMIN for some resources and validate the information through our own research. May the Lord continue to provide you the strength, vission and passion to share your gift to the church even here in Asia. God bless you richly… all of you in AOMIN!

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