Happy for to wish you a 25th Ann.
This swish come from up north in Ontario, Can.

Way smarter you made me in Reformed doctrine
Convict me way more of my Totally Sin

On Election- was hanging my chads for to see
Then resigned with an Eh? Elohim, why me?

Had a Limited knowledge of the Atownement,
Till unlimited logs to the AOMin Mint.

You guys not you seem are so Resistable
My Bookmark de Windows has you top of the roll

May you Perservere for eh, … 25 more,
Or till the role is called up-eh-yon-door.

Canadian Congrats,

Sorry, a bit of silliness there. Thanks again to Rich who told us where to go Aug 10th. Thanks to Pastor Fry for a wonderful sermon. Dr. White’s Sunday School was good too. What a terrific church!

May you remain faithful to Him,

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