I will try to get the first of the wonderful testimonial e-mails posted today. I have so many to choose from! It has been a great encouragement to us to read through these e-mails. I can tell many of you put a lot of thought into your submissions, and that came through. Well, except for John Samson, who just wrote, “I was a newt…but…I got better.” Those Brits.

Seriously, thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from more of you over the course of the next few weeks. Here is one that actually was sent in a few months ago, but it sort of gave me the idea for the e-mail address anyway:

Dear Dr. White:

There are many of us who immensely appreciate your ministry. Since the days of Mitch Paqua and the debates on Long Island until now … I have been reading your blog and reading much of what you have written. I have actually learned how to think logically and biblically by reading your correspondence with others. I find the manner in which you communicate with those whom you disagree as graceful yet bluntly honest. I notice the great dishonesty and flat out bad argumentation of those who try to debunk you (really debunk actual Scripture or historical accuracy). Your direct refutations with fact and documentation are wonderful. Stick to the honest facts, and truth will prevail. I have learned what honest argumentation is in contrast to the flawed and egregious. I owe this to you Mr. White. I can honestly say that I am reformed because God led me to read the Scriptures with honesty and openness-even when it spoke against the grain of my own flesh. Theology matters extensively. Eventually all Christians will be tested by their theology, and we need to be fortified when it happens, otherwise be a casualty, or worse, the cause of casualty. I wanted to let you know that I am extremely thankful to have stumbled upon your ministry. It has taught me volumes. As it becomes even more difficult to proclaim and defend the Gospel and dialogue with others in the arena of ideas, only the honest exegesis of Scripture will stand against the most cunning attacks of the world and our enemy. Those whom their tradition and philosophy guide will ultimately be stumped somewhere by someone simply because their theology is not consistent with Scripture; i.e Dave Hunt and (Norman Geisler-Whom I respect). I believe sometimes our brothers need to be encouraged. This is my intent for writing. Thank you Dr. White, for obeying God even when it hurts. I am blessed and a better Christian for it. -PM

This morning I was thinking to myself, “I wonder who the first person will be to abuse the address and send me a nastigram?” Well, that prize goes to Nicholas (James S) Winchurch, a Roman Catholic. Here’s his kind submission, which, to any honest person, speaks for itself:


Just a note to thank you so much for your ministry. I have read I think six of James’ books, and they have certainly helped me to see the way that I should go. That way is certainly not James’ way. I found his books condescending, narrow and suggestively quoted. He picks from the Fathers of the church only what supports his bigoted views. He hates Catholics, Mormons and anyone else who does not go to the “Reformed” Baptist church. Thank you, james, for showing me what a Christian isn’t.


Thanks Stu! Is that why you have called the DL regularly to document your claims? 🙂 Lord have mercy on you, sir. Your e-mail is, in fact, a testimonial, for those who refuse to love the truth are caused to love a lie, and if you have been so fully exposed to the truth that you can mock and deride it, well, you should look very seriously to the state of your soul. Cry out for mercy, sir, I exhort you.

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