I am an Indonesian who live in Indonesia. I discovered your site around the year of 2000. Since the internet connection we had at the time was dial up connection I could only benefit from your writings. Nevertheless, they helped me a great deal in dealing with RCs, Islams, and Jehovah Witness.

Two years ago, we had better internet connection and thus I could benefit from the Dividing Lines and also your Youtube files and other large files. I downloaded them and in one case I trans(cribe-late) your debate with Hamzah Abdul Malik into Indonesian and posted it on my blog. Your most recent material that I benefit is the materials on ‘I AM statement’. In my most recent discussion with Islam they are forced to admit that Jesus did explicitly claim that He is GOD. This is quite an achievement because this is one of the most common objections we face here that has been so difficult to defeat.


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