I am very grateful that God brought my attention to the ministry of James White and A & O Ministries. About nine years ago I came into contact w/ a fellow Christian at work who was TR Only and thus against the modern Bible translations. He had a lot of information from most of the KJV Only advocates. I didn’t have an answer at the time for his objections. However, they seemed so outlandish that I wasn’t going to throw away my NIV yet. God spoke to me through the NIV, I just had a hard time believing all the strange conspiracy theories about it. Back in 2001 I attended an apologetics seminar that had Dan Wallace speaking. This greatly increased my confidence in the Bible I was using. Also, on the books for sale was a copy of the KJV ONlY Controversy. It was highly recommended by the sponsor of the lecture; Jeff Downs. I read it and very quickly. I not only gained greater confidence in the modern translations, but, was also taught how to think my logically and critically about how we got our Bible and how to respond to many of outlandish conspiracy theories that some KJV ONLY advocates espouse. Also at the same time my friend and chiropractor lent me a copy of the show that Dr. White did on the Bible Answer Man show. This also helped me gain more confidence in the Bible I was using and gave me a greater appreciation for how we got our Bible. I then checked out A & O ministries web site. I had some Mormon missionaries come to visit me. I purchased several radio debates Dr. White had done with Mormon apologists. I also purchased LETTERS TO A MORMON ELDER. I used many of the arguments in that book while dialoging with the Mormon missionaries.
I am grateful for the great resources that Dr. White has put out. I have learned so much and continue to learn. I consider Dr. White my professor from afar. I live in Lancaster PA.
Another thing I’m grateful for is learning the truth about Reformed Theology and the doctrines of grace. I guess you would have called me 4 pointer. I went to a Bible college that affirmed the doctrine of eternal security, but rejected reformed theology. Through Dr. White’s ministry I got a much better understanding of Calvinism. When I saw that scriptures do teach man’s inability to accept Christ, unless God grants that sinner the ability, I had no choice to accept the truths of the doctrines of grace. However, I accepted them joyfully. Although, I am commanded to evangelize, it is not up to me to get results. Only God can change a sinner’s heart to accept him. This was very liberating for me.
Through Dr. White’s ministry, I have not only been equpped and taught. I have also learned how to think more critically. Listening to Dr. White’s debates with various groups of people has taught me more how reason better and argue and dialogue more effectively. The tools I’ve gained listening to the debates has helped me in my experiences with folks who are trapped in a cult or with people that misunderstand the doctrines of grace. I continue to listen to past debates often as I gain something new out of them.
I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer at the A & O book table at the last two great debates in Long Island, NY. It was a joy to help out with something that I totally believed in. It was also a joy to work with Rich Pierce. Much of what was being sold, I had a copy of , so I able to inform the folks of the value of the books and debates. I look forward to a time, I can do it again.
Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a large collection of the debates Dr. White has done on dvd. I’ve had Apologetics and Theology nights at my home, and had people over to watch them and eat pizza. These debates have been a blessing to those people as well.
I continue to be blessed by the ministry of A & O Ministries, as I listen to the pod casts of the Dividing Line, listen to old and new debates, listen to lectures and research the site.
May God continue to bless Dr. White, Rich Pierce of Alpha and Omega Ministries and use them to defend the truth, bless the saints and share the gospel with the lost for His glory.


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