I am a 6 time arrested convicted felon and former i.v. drug user, the Lord begin to draw me back in 1995, and after a long process of seeking various paths beginning with the Catholicism I was raised under, he providentially set me one night in 1997 right up front in a meeting with the one and only Dave Hunt! My disdain for Protestant preachers was high at the time, being raised in the town were Jimmy Swaggart ministries is located, but , my sister had promised me that this guy was not a preacher…….,and he gave a very convincing presentation of how you can trust the Bible to be what it claims to be,and then he told us not to take his word for it but to be like the Bereans and go home and study the Scriptures to find out for ourselves if these things were so. I did what he said, the Spirit moved, and I was born again.
   My wife was a third generation Mormon, and her grandfather, who served as a bishop, was trying hard to convert me , someone at my new church told me of your book, Is the Mormon my brother, and so, armed with the Scripture and your book, I was able to show my wife the error of Mormonism and she was led to Christ as well. Longer story, made short, in 2001 I surrendered to the ministry and started as and assoc. Pastor at a small So. Baptist church. After much study, weeping and gnashing of teeth, along with discovering your program, the dividing line, I became soundly, theologically reformed in 2003.
   I thank God for Alpha and Omega ministries, I have read many of your books Dr. White, and I listen to the Dividing Line regularly. As the most unlikely guy to wind up being a preacher that I know, and having absolutely no seminary training, your ministry along with others, has, and continues to give me my theological education, so I Praise the Lord for Alpha and Omega, keep plugging away, and know that your efforts are helping to produce what is clearly a resurgence of sound doctrine and theology all across our land.


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