Three years ago I was a happy-go-lucky agnostic, caring for her family, loving her job, never giving one thought to the matters of existential significance. Well – I was reading thick philosophy books and loving psychology – being a teacher in the most secularized country on Earth, Sweden, kind of compells you to do it – but basically God had no place in my life.
Then something happened. A long process of looking for answers in a completely different sphere led me to Christ, and in June 2006 I confessed Him my Lord and Savior, to the dismay of my entire family and horror of my husband, who had abandoned the faith many years before.
I was 45, and very hungry for Word. I discovered some good web sites teaching sound Reformed theology, and one of them featured “Cornerstone” – a song by Steve Camp. The word ‘Calvinism’ did ring a bell to me, but in a very negative sense, bringing some distant memories from the time of my university studies of English history and literature, where the ideology (that is what they called it) was connected to WASP’s and material prosperity as a sign of being chosen by God.
I listened to the songs, read Campi’s blog and web site, followed the links from it, and experienced the shock of finding out that all of that was within the frames of Calvinism. Only this time I saw nothing wrong with it. It was sound teaching of the Bible…
One of those links led to And to the blog. And – to the podcast. I started listening to the podcast early last spring, and never stopped since then. Of course, it took a lot of patience to listen to the lectures on Textual Criticism fairly early on, but I survived that pretty well 🙂
Thank you, Dr. White, for your relentless stand on the Truth of God’s Word, for your courage in using the Sword of God to fight the heresies, for your zeal in pointing Muslims to the true God of the Scriptures. Thank you for equipping me with sound and first class apologetical arguments for my talks with atheists and people from other religions.
—AB, Sweden

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