Greetings from Florida,

Many years ago I read an article by James White in the Christian Research Journal on the doctrine of the Trinity. This article caused me to understand the subject better and enabled me to witness to folks in the UPCI. Our church has hosted two debates on the subject in the past five years and we have seen some folks strengthened from these discussions and we have seen some leave the UPCI. I personally pass out “The forgotten Trinity” at these discussions as well. All of this is a result of reading that one article.

I was formally anti-Calvinist as well, though still not a Calvinist, I am now open to seriously studying the subject because of James’ attitude with others that are non-Calvinist. I now have many friends that are Calvinist and have realized that you can’t judge all Calvinist alike.

Finally, this ministry continues to bless me with the wonderful articles, books, and especially the debates. I pray for James and alpha and omega ministry on a regular basis. This is a very unique ministry indeed and it must continue.


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