Congratulations on your anniversary which is evidence of God’s persistent and enduring grace in this ministry.

In 2003 I received a Dave Hunt audiopak and in it was a tape called “Debating Calvinism”. As an ardent free-willer and a flaming arminian I lapped the debate up and was enraged by Mr White’s argumentation. I was really angry as most arminian’s tend to get when they are confronted with the undiluted exposition of the doctrine of God’s sovereign grace in salvation. I lapped up the book “What Love is this?” and gave it to a friend who attended a church plant in Pretoria South Africa started and pastored by Joel James of Grace Community Church and the Master’s Seminary. An ongoing discussion lasting years ensued – he gave me a long-letter by James White in response to that book.

Eventually over time as God had mercy my views started changing and so did my theology. One day the penny dropped. As Spurgeon stated, it was almost like getting saved all over again. From an arminian Pentecostal I became a reformed Baptist and have since grown lapping up the richness of this evangelical tradition. From a Calvin-hater in spite of knowing nothing about him or his writings I became a “Calvinist” – not because of Calvin but because of Jesus, the prophets and the apostles. I started the Institutes (1536 version) last night and as an Italian ex-catholic I am enthralled at what I am reading from a young man saved in the midst of error and apostasy.

On behalf of myself and the others who have benefitted from your ministry in South Africa we wish you Godspeed and hope to see you here in the future. I will be forever grateful to James White for standing on scripture alone and leading me to a better understanding of my “Perfect Saviour who never fails and His Father who is greater than all”. I have recently got a pyromaniacs T-shirt from Phil Johnson and will have to add an aomin sweater to my wardrobe. I am thrilled to see you partnering PJ in this upcoming conference. I have been telling my pastor Tim Cantrell, also from the Master’s Seminary that we NEED both of you guys out here TOGETHER. Man, won’t have to take my Ritalin for weeks! We are busy involved in organizing a John Piper event that will co-incide with Rick Holland and the Resolved Team in 2009. We need the “Pyro” and the “Great White” hot on their heels to keep the flame burning!

Johannesburg, SA

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