I can certainly thank God for your ministry. I’ve grown up (I’m 26 and have been a Christian little more than half that time) in the Wesleyan denomination and so until April/May of this year have been more or less Arminian in my theology. For a few years before that time I had already felt dissatisfaction with Arminian soteriology, but just was not quite ready to call myself a Calvinist. However, through a number of factors, such as reading R.C. Sproul’s What is Reformed Theology? and not the least through your ministry I have been thoroughly convinced that salvation is a work of God from start to finish and that it depends not “human will or exertion, but on God who has mercy…on whom he desires.” I know my “conversion” to Reformed theology was itself a work of grace; nevertheless, this ministry has been an instrument of grace and I do thank God for your faithful service to Him.


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