I just wanted to briefly provide a testimony to let the ministry know how much of an impact that Alpha and Omega has had on me and my family. I started listening to the program back in high school prior to the days of cd-burners and mp3’s and actually started to record the programs on an audio cassette in order to listen to them on the way to work after I graduated and began attending college. Your program gave me a passion for the Word of God that continued to blossom and grow even as I decided to attend Bible College in order to further my education and eventually practice full time ministry. I really appreciated the debates with Roman Catholic apologists which greatly helped me to further my understanding of the true nature of the Gospel. While at first I was resistant to the doctrines of grace, I understood how arguing from that perspective was the only one that could biblically and soundly defeat the opposing arguments from not only Roman Catholics, but from other perspectives as well; from atheism to mormonism.

Eventually, through hearing your defense of the Gospel of God’s grace so many times, and from my own personal study of the Word, I came to see the truth of the nature of man and what it truly takes to raise him from the spiritual death he is naturally born into. It was when I understood this that my mind was finally open to understanding the very nature of the Gospel and set me free from the chains of my previous traditions. To understand that it is the work of the Holy Spirit by the sovereign hand of God that causes someone to awaken from spiritual death and see the glorious love of God through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross has helped me greatly understand my role in evangelism. I can see the difficulty some have with Calvinism due to those who are practicing hyper-Calvinists, but I now long for others to come the same understanding of the Gospel that is so clearly taught in Scripture, that frees us from the fear of man. Thank you Dr. White, and thank you Alpha and Omega for being a beacon of God’s grace in these perilous times.

Because of your ministry, I have been continually equipped in my study of God’s Word which has helped me grow and better provide an answer for the hope that is within me.


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