Dear aomin team,

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

I got to know about your website a year or more ago, and its been such a blessing to me.
I work as an IT Analyst and love to defend my faith with people of various ethnicities and varying levels of intellectual interest.
And being a 5 year old Christian, there are times when I’ve struggled with tough questions in the Bible myself.

Throughout these tough times, I’ve found support, information, help and encouragement on your website and your chat.
Earlier, I followed a more evidential approach to Apologetics, but all along, I knew there was something missing.
After my acquaintance with your ministry, I’ve begin to ground all my thinking down to Scripture.
Ever since I was touched by the Lord, I have been really fascinated by the account of God’s sovereignty in Romans 9 and I didn’t know that there
are people who believed just what Paul was saying – God controls salvation, period. Now I’ve found you guys and its been so good!

I’ve enjoyed your books, your mp3s and everything I can get my hands on.
I pray that the Lord will make you guys more fruitful and use you to reach people in the Middle East!

I want to learn Greek and Hebrew and Latin and just about anything that will make me a skilled handler of God’s Holy word.
So, do pray for me.

p.s: Mutato! Love to you dude!


Dear Dr. White,

Thank you, first of all, for providing this opportunity to us so that we may express our thoughts. Should these ever be made public, I can’t wait to read the ones from all those who have faithfully called the Dividing Line at your invitation. You know, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Steve Ray, Art Sippo, Patrick Madrid etc. I also look forward to reading the words of love from Dan Barker, Gail Ripplinger and Peter Ruckman. All these have come to greatly appreciate you and your ministry. I have no doubt that George Bryson, Dave Hunt and D.A. Waite will voice their appreciation also. In fact, Ergun Caner MUST have been just as eager to respond as he was to engage in that memorable Calvinism debate.

I’m certain there are many I’ve neglected to mention but no doubt I will be rejoicing as they make themselves known.

As for myself, in order to never miss a thing, over the last four years I use as my homepage. Yes, sir, each and every day I am greeted by you as I embark upon my online experience. Why have I done this? In all seriousness, it is because I have grown to love and respect you. Like others, I could write several paragraphs on the impact you have upon my individual Christian life. But it is because of the breadth of your work that I hold you in as great esteem as those who are considered the historical giants and pillars of our Christian Church. I have learned much from those men of years gone by but as we are privileged by God to have the same caliber of men in our own day, please know your contributions have brought clarity and understanding. I am convinced if there were to be a true modern day Reformation, once the history of this day were written in the ages to come, your name would be spoken of in the same breath as any of the greatest of our Reformation/Puritan forefathers. And I have heard you say this is your desire; to leave behind a body of work that will benefit and enhance future generations of Chist’s own church. As God has already granted this to you, may He also grant you length of days.

I am saddened as I hear those who will slander and deride in order to enhance their own supposed stature and audience. Yet you handle such things with grace and temperance. I know the difference when men selfishly and egotistically promote their own views and agendas and when they simply wish to honor truth with proper humility. I have at times purposely tried to hear you as these accusers describe and I must say you are continually above reproach.

Lastly, your sense of humor in the face of much provocation while never being dismissive concerning the serious nature of your task is most winsome. See, folks…Christianity CAN be entertaining while being educational! Just listen to Dr. James White and you’ll see!

May God continue to grace you with soundness of mind and may we as the Church be ever thankful to Him for AOMin.

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