At one point in time I truly had a great deal of disdain for the Reformed view on just about any Christian doctrine you can think of. I was a self-avowed Open Theist and got most of my theology from that end of the spectrum as well as Dave Hunt and his Berean Call. Reading, “What Love Is This?” changed all that and sent me on a search that led me to where I have been these past 4 years: A full fledged 5 Point Calvinist, Amillennial, Orthodox (Partial) Preterist.

In these past 4 years, I have benefited immensely from your ministry. It has given me a greater appreciation for just how unique the Christian faith is in comparison to the religious systems of the world. I now have a fully realized view of Scripture and the authority of such in the believers life. Christianity is not simply a set of doctrines and do’s and don’ts anymore, it is the full demonstration of God’s Spirit and His undying Grace towards undeserving sinners, of which I am chief (ht: the Apostle Paul). The Christian faith, especially in it’s Reformed configuration, is truly beautiful to me. I have your ministry and your unwavering defense of the faith to thank for that deeper appreciation of Christ and His work.

May the Lord continue to bless your labors in the harvest and sustain your work for another 25 years,


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