James — As a cradle Catholic and pretty much a life-long Catholic (who seriously considered studying for the priesthood at one point), and even a veteran of several years’ worth of Opus Dei “evenings of recollection,” I cannot thank you enough for your ministry. I was one of those who was a happy Catholic, and overjoyed with the publication of ECT. That is, until I started looking at the issues. And just about that time, the Internet started coming on line, and I was able to look at both sides of that issue with clarity, thanks to your efforts. I mentioned your name specifically as an influence, when I sent “Father Dan” my resignation letter from our parish. (That was no small decision on my part — I was the guy with five kids who frequently sat up front, holding two little ones in my arms, who frequently had to exit, red-faced, carrying a crying baby).

I am a long time web fan of yours and I have read a number of your books. Particularly helpful to me were “The God Who Justifies,” “The Potter’s Freedom,” and of course, “The Roman Catholic Controversy.”

As well, I can second the letter that you posted earlier, in that “I have actually learned how to think logically and biblically by reading your correspondence with others. I find the manner in which you communicate with those whom you disagree as graceful yet bluntly honest. I notice the great dishonesty and flat out bad argumentation of those who try to debunk you (really debunk actual Scripture or historical accuracy). Your direct refutations with fact and documentation are wonderful. Stick to the honest facts, and truth will prevail. I have learned what honest argumentation is in contrast to the flawed and egregious.”

Plus I have come into contact with some great people (in real life!) through your ministry.

Many thanks for all that you do. I hope you continue to do what you do for a long, long time.


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