Dear Dr. White,

I first discovered Alpha & Omega Ministries about eight years ago. I was looking at the NIV website, and at the bottom was a link to ?New Age Bible Versions Refuted.? I had never even heard of the King James Only issue, but I read your article and eagerly looked for more. That was only the beginning! is the first website I pull up on my computer in the morning. I have read all your articles, listened to every Dividing Line webcast, read three of your books (and am looking forward to ordering the new edition of ?The King James Only Controversy? when it comes out), and have mentioned your site many times to others as a great source of information. Call me a junkie if you like, but that?s okay.

Eight years ago I had no idea what Christian apologetics was. Though I had been a Christian for ten years by then, I knew next to nothing of most of the topics with which you deal, and had never even heard of many of the theological terms. Nowadays my pastor refers to me as a ?good apologist,? and I was frequently asked for my views during his recent class on bibliology. Furthermore, I am going to lead our weekly men?s Bible study soon, and I plan to teach the proper biblical interpretation of Matthew 16. Without the information I?ve picked up from your apologetics work, I would have had no interest, much less the tools, to do such a thing.

But well beyond theology, your work has taught me critical thinking skills that I have used in other arenas. I can spot poor argumentation and the proper methods of combating it. I have gained an appreciation of the importance of preparation. I have come to see the importance of scholarship, but have also seen the importance of not attaching infallibility to it. Even if I were to never see or listen to your output again, I have gained that much.

I?d love to get together with you sometime and enjoy a theological discussion over a game of chess (my peak USCF rating was 2035) [VB: mine was just over 1800, but that was when I was 14!] Failing that, I would love, beyond seeing a continuation of your present work, to have you bring out an ?Apologetics Study Bible,? such that it would contain your concise notes next to the myriad of verses that get debated so often.

May God continue to bless your ministry for many years. Please also pass along my kindest regards to Mr. Pierce, whose hard behind-the-scenes work we all appreciate so much.


VB: Stop tempting me to go back to chess! I love the game, but lack the time any longer to stay sharp. But I’ll take you up on that game. The best way to improve I found was to get beaten like a bongo drum. Thanks for your note.

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