Dear James, Rich and all of you faithful brethren at Alpha & Omega Ministries,

Happy 25th Anniversary!!! Congratulations on reaching such a milestone in your ministry, by God’s grace!!! It is extremely difficult for me to adequately put into words how much your labors for the furtherance of Christ’s Kingdom have meant to me personally. The decade of “The Great Debates” that we orchestrated on Long Island further convinced me year after year that leaving Rome for the Gospel of the Reformation was the only move one could possibly make with a good conscience before God if he or she was exposed to the true evidence from both Scripture and history and enlightened by the Holy Ghost. And let’s face it, perhaps this next point is not the most profound element of my experience with those debates, but I cannot remember ever having more fun in my life. Those years produced memories I will treasure forever.

Our Sovereign Lord has also used Alpha & Omega Ministries to further fan the flames of the enthusiasm and excitement I have gained for theology. I truly believe that if I had never been exposed to your ministry I would not have pursued a position as a Christian talk radio host. It is always a joy to hear from listeners in the “Iron Sharpens Iron” audience whose lives have been dramatically blessed through Alpha & Omega Ministries, and even from Roman Catholics and others who do not yet know the Gospel of Free Grace who report great appreciation for much of what you have done and continue to do.

I also must add here how I love to hear from pastors, and members of their congregations, out here on Long Island whose churches have been tremendously touched and theologically strengthened through your speaking engagements often connected with “The Great Debates”. It is particularly wonderful to hear how some of the formerly non-Reformed saints have come to embrace the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace as a result of our God working through your New York visits.

Thank you so much for your continued, faithful friendship, and for everything you do to help all of us who value your ministry understand the deeper things of God more clearly. I pray that our friendship strengthens over the years to come, and that the Lord provides us with many more opportunities for ministry together in His Vineyard.

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen
Iron Sharpens Iron

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