I first found aomin about 10 months after being out of jail (approx. 2003). I was at a point in my life where I wanted to learn as much as I could about the faith I had embraced after a life of drugs and violence and I wanted to learn how to defend that faith. I came across Dr. White’s debates with catholics and Mormons and bought them all (I still have many VHS tapes). I don’t remember how many times I watched, studied, and memorized those debates or how many people I watched them with (including my brother and his wife who were catholics but became Christians after watching them with me over the course of a few months.
I was openly a Geisler-ite (I read a lot of Norman Geisler’s works) and thus I utterly opposed calvinism as the very doctrine of Satan that I understood it to be. But after listening to some aomin CDs on the issue (the atonement, the biblical doctrine of salvation), I got a little nervous and Geisler, Hunt, and Bryson just weren’t giving any real answers to many of the questions I had. Eventually I broke down and bought the White vs. Bryson debate and painfully watched for three + hours as the so confident-in-his-books George Bryson did everything he could to avoid answering Dr. White’s questions. And after Dr. White’s closing statement I uttered a few uncontrollable and deeply emotive profanities before beginning a real Bible search and picking up a few books from the other side (crazy idea, huh?). AOMin then became a source of encourgement for me as I struggled to uphold and contend for the sovereignty of God in a world of Molinism and rationalism in my undergrad studies as a philosophy major. I was on AOMin after just about every philosophy class for a couple of years. And finally, to top it all off, I was able to meet Dr. White when he came to Biola to debate Shabir Ally. He came out with me and some of my friends and we had dinner at El Torito, where he put on my hard hat and took pictures with us. That settled it for me, and now I am a constant supporter of AOMin. If I had money, I would give more of it to the ministry, but Westminster is a cruel mistress, and thus I can barely buy two tacos and a small water on taco Tuesdays . . . .

BB is proof of the divine nature of the Christian faith. If I can hang out with BB, who has about as different a past and background from mine as any human being could have, then clearly, there’s something to this “body of Christ” stuff. BB and his brother WFP are great guys I am proud to call my friends. In fact, I’m even willing to be seen in public with them both, despite their…uh…reputations. 🙂 In fact, at the last debate I did, I had BB and WFP video tape it using my little Casio camera. And as they always do, they left me…little presents along with the videos themselves. Here’s one such present. You gotta love these guys. Oh, and I learned all my cool Kung Fu/Ninja moves from WFP. It’s in his genes, you know.

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