Greetings in the Lord,

In 1996 I was saved and shortly after that glorious day, I noticed a poster hanging in the church that I had started attending (the first and only non-Catholic church I’d ever stepped foot in up to that point–AA meetings not-withstanding). The poster advertised “The Great Debate–Mary Queen of Heaven or Sinner Saved by Grace?” I was intrigued because I had no idea that there was even a debate about things like that. When given grace to believe the Gospel, I trusted that Jesus paid for my sin fully and totally, and then I went to the first church I knew of–the non denominational one that the saint who shared with me had been a member of. I had no bridges to burn because my Roman Catholic upbringing was cultural and not theological. I recall in ignorance telling my unsaved Father to “go back to church…any church.” And then came the Great Debate–I sat in complete disbelief–did Rome actually believe and teach these things?! Poor Gerry…forgot his notes and everything.
It was there that I got the bug in my ear to be an apologetic Christian–and I never looked back. During the next few years I had been turned on to the Doctrines of Grace (partly due to the Mass debate in which I was told by your opponent that if I weren’t a Calvinist, you were against me too, or something to that effect.) So, I read Drawn by the Father among other works and I was convinced that these doctrines were true and necessary.
Since that time, I’ve listened regularly to the Dividing Line and I’ve even called in a few times. Dr. White’s other published works have also helped me immensely in my personal study as well …. So I send my thanks and praise to you for Aomin’s defense of the faith once delivered to the saints.
May the Lord richly bless you,
~Mike from NY

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