Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give testimony to the blessing AOMin has been over the past few years. I was involved with the JWs before becoming a Christian, and when I had been a charismatic Christian for a few years, nearly became a Roman Catholic. The articles and audio from the ministry were invaluable to me in getting my head straight about the Trinity, the authority and canon of scripture, and any number of other issues that should be baseline teaching for a Christian, but sadly aren’t nowadays.

Since getting a decent grounding in those things, and, in God’s mercy, becoming a member of a sound local church, I’ve been greatly helped by AOMin in witnessing to many, online and offline, atheists, Muslims and JWs. It’s particularly encouraging to be able to direct skeptics who insist that Christians are anti-intellectual to the many tremendously intelligent resources you provide. I absolutely thank God for your ministry, and pray for you every day.


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