The London trip interrupted my posting of the testimonies that have been sent in in celebration of our 25th anniversary. I have had a bunch of folks tell me that they wanted to write in, “but never got around to it.” Well, you still have a chance! is still operational, but the spam bots are finding it, so don’t hold off forever! Send us your stories!

Your ministry led me to discovering Reformed theology and deepened of my faith and understanding of the Word more than I’d ever experienced.

The Dividing Line broadcast, your debates, articles and the blog have meant so much to my family and I over the past few years.

Thank you a thousand times for what you do – I pray for God to provide you with strength and blessings to continue for years to come.


I have been listening and learning for about four years now, and I have learned much about how to answer the claims of so many false religions either when they show up on my doorstep, I show up on theirs, or when I go to my in-laws. You have also been instrumental in my spiritual growth as I was saved not long after I had been listening to the DL and reading the blog. I have become solidly grounded in my reformed (Baptist, that is) faith, and I have developed a real appreciation for the giants of the faith that the Lord has raised up before us throughout the history of the church. I could go on, and I’m not just saying that. But the most recently exciting news, though, is that my wife came to Christ from Roman Catholicism a few weeks ago; and the Lord used many of the things that I’ve learned from you and shared with her (probably more than I realize) to bring her in.

Dr. White, I pray that the Lord gives you strength for years to continue doing what you’re doing enough that you could debate a Muslim, a Mormon, and a Roman Catholic all in the same day after having hip surgery when you’re eighty! Thank you all. Alpha and Omega Ministries is truly a gift to the church.—MG

In the spring of 1998 I was given a little book on John 6, written by a man I’d never heard of before. Having just come out of a heavily charismatic/free will background with more questions about doctrine than I had answers for, the timing was perfectly orchestrated that this book would make it’s way into my hands. I’d never read anything like what I was about to read in this little book called Drawn by the Father. Suddenly, I understood, and understood in a way that wasn’t written in language that was hard to read, but simple and yet thorough. Finally, questions were answered and I had a brand new desire to study the Scriptures to learn even more.

That was my introduction to the work and the ministry of Dr. James White. Alpha and Omega Ministries has continued to bless me in tremendous ways over the years. The twice weekly webcasts, the books, the blog, the chat channel and just in the last year, the video channel. My husband and I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. White at two different conferences, and were blessed as well by the fellowship with him, and the tireless dedication he has for encouraging the saints to know the word and defend it. I have and do recommend this ministry and it’s resources, to anyone.

Happy 25th Anniversary Alpha and Omega Ministries, and may the Lord be pleased to continue to bless this much needed ministry, for many more years to come. —CR

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