Congratulations on the anniversary of the founding of your ministry. Your books, videos and website have been a great blessing to me as I continue to interact with my Catholic friends. I come from a Catholic background, so it’s important to me to try to keep the lines of communication open with my family and friends.

I recently completed The Potter’s Freedom, right after also reading Sproul’s Chosen By God. I think you laid out the problems and discussion very well. I am convinced that the Reformed position is absolutely what the Bible teaches. I thank God and you for your witness to the great biblical truths which seem to be so maligned in our time, especially by supposed Christians.


I take my lunch break and sit at my computer and watch your debates. Masterful. Scholarly. Bold. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made (which most people don’t realize) to skillfully defend the Faith!

I’m a pastor and I consider you a mentor.


I have been listening for all 25 years. And have heard every MP3 show and every debate you have made available.. These truths have enriched my walk with God, and have helped me to understand so many of the rich orthodox Biblical doctrines.

A&O has helped me to defend the Christian faith from Mormonism, The Jehovah Witnesses, Islam, Catholicism, and Atheism.

Thank you, Dr. James White and Rich Pierce for all you have done for me.


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