I will briefly summarize how Alpha & Omega ministries helped change the direction of my life to the glory of God.

As the end of my college career approached, I was unsure about my future and even more doubtful of my Christian beliefs. I was recovering from a serious drug habit, and also still grieving the loss of a best friend who took his own life due to his own drug addiction. My despair only deepened as I tried to enroll in church again in some attempt to fix myself. Growing up in a traditional Christian home in the religious climate of the South, I was implanted with the deep roots of fideism – the lackadaisical kind that doesn’t encourage deep study of the Scriptures but instead “just taking it by faith and living a good life.”

Well obviously I hadn’t lived a very good life; even though I professed faith at a young age I had steered dangerously off course during college. During that time of reckless living I was introduced to a lot of arguments against the Bible and the existence of God. As I tried to go through the motions of church for a second time, it was obvious that there were many complex intellectual questions about Christianity. There must be more to this than just having faith; indeed, who is the object of this thing called faith? I remember praying one night for God to grant me wisdom and discernment because I just wanted to know the truth about Him so that I could truly love and serve Him. Conviction from the Holy Spirit didn’t come right away, but at the advice of C.H. Spurgeon I continued to pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence. I knew Christ had died for me, but had I really thought the implications of it through or was my decision of youth misdirected? Oh the joy of an answer from the Lord!

A few weeks later during a conversation with my pastor about Bible translations, I was loaned a copy of The King James Only Controversy. I had mentioned Gail Riplinger to him (after seeing a video about modern Bible translations), and apparently he had already read this book. I read through it carefully, and literally had the roof of my worldview blown away. Dr. White’s concern for bringing clarity and truth to the Scriptures was something I had honestly never encountered in all my years of sitting in church. Had God really communicated propositional content to man so that we can know things about mankind, the world, and most importantly God Himself? Looking back, I know God was preparing me for what was to come.

Needless to say, after finishing the book I purchased an NASB study Bible?ok so that part is really a coincidence but it’s a funny one!

Later that year it was time to find a job, and I decided to roll the dice and accept an offer that would relocate me from Virginia all the way out to Boise. The Lord’s providence is truly amazing. I found a church there, and befriended a slightly older guy named Drew. He had been raised in a group called The Way International, which denies the deity of Christ. During a conversation, Drew mentioned that he really came to know Jesus as Lord for the first time while reading a book called The Forgotten Trinity. When he told me the author’s name, a little light bulb went off; was this the same James White? Eventually, Drew and I became roommates so that he could save money for his upcoming wedding. Just picture a philosophy major and a computer geek sitting in the living room playing air guitar and singing to the Dividing Line intro music! Yup, pretty scary huh?

It’s been a year since all those wonderful things came to pass, and the Lord continually motivates me to learn and apply His truth. I am passionate about theology and apologetics, and in addition to learning basic Greek in my spare time I am planning on going back to school to study the Bible in greater depth. I owe so much to Alpha & Omega ministries; the edification provided by your debates, books, and podcasts is simply beyond measure! Praise God from whom all blessings flow, and thank you guys for all your tireless effort in proclaiming and defending the Gospel.

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