Over the years, as I have personally navigated the evangelical spectrum of beliefs, I have come to find, by the Lord’s gracious hand, a stalwart and excellent ministry in Alpha & Omega.

James White’s works have been a huge help in finding that elusive balance of proper understanding and application of solid biblical doctrine. Due to the lack of sound teaching, and in depth teaching in my local area churches, I have had to rely on such ministries, whilst not neglecting those who feed my soul here at home.

It has been a pleasure & learning experience to read the books, blog posts,watch the DVDs, and occasionally participate in the webcasts of AOmin.

Perhaps the most significant lessons have been in how to approach apologetics and how to reason from the Scriptures. I have applied these things to evangelism with Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others, on all kinds of topics with good success. As well, I have fully embraced a God-centered, Reformed view of grace.

Thank you all, and especially James White for his hard work and generous ministry. Only at the Throne will you realize the rewards and the impact of your daily labors in the Word and doctrine.

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