Not really a testimony – I’ve been an atheist all my life. But I do respect that you are at least honest in your beliefs. You might be dogged in pursuing a point in debate, but that’s not really ‘mean’. Just to let you know – there are consistent atheists who are able to look nihilism honestly in the face. I read the God Who Isn’t There – I agree there are a lot of faux atheists, people like your daughter’s poly sci professor are our Fred Phelps’s. Of course an atheist who gets worked up over moral issues believes in *something* *transcendent* and is therefore a phony if he just says he’s an atheist.
After listening to you I realize that the Pauline epistles use terminology consistently, and are not just strings of pious phrases as I had previously thought. Thanks for clearing up a lot of his frequently (to me) tangled phrases. But of course a *consistent* system doesn’t necessarily indicate a *true* system.
Good luck in your arguing against Islam, Mormonism and JWs. They are indeed fake religions. They are recent enough so that we can document conclusively that they are fake as you do so ably.

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