Dan Wallace posted on a marginal note on inserting the Comma in 1 John 5:7, here. He mentioned that at the time (this was posted in July, but since I’m in the UK, my mind skipped the year, and transposed the 7 and the 2, so I originally thought this was posted two days ago—for those who do not know, Europeans use a different order in writing dates, logically, going day, month, year, while Americans go month, day, year) he did not have access to a transcript of 61 to confirm whether it did, or did not, have the articles before the nouns in the string. Well, since I saw 61 just a few days ago, and tapped out a transcription on my Droid, let me add to this note from Dan that 61 does not have the article before Father, Word, and Spirit, and it does use the nomina sacra for heaven, Father, and Spirit. I hope to obtain a digital image of this page of 61 in the near future. In any case, the note is useful in providing a listing of all manuscripts containing the reading, and noting how massively late it is (only one can be dated to the 14th century). The continued defense of this reading, overthrowing all Byzantine priority or Majority text arguments, is the most sure and certain sign of TR and KJV Onlyism.

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