I pulled down an image of the end of Jeremiah and the beginning of Lamentations in Sinaiticus (a) from the British Museum. It is super high resolution (12 megs, 4000×5000 resolution). Here is a portion of it, just to give you a feeling of the nature of the manuscript. It is such a good quality picture you can see elements of the vellum (leather) surface.
   One of the texts we will examine (not today, maybe Thursday, it all depends on how far we get), is 1 Timothy 3:16. I posted some material on this last year here. When folks who do not know Greek (or even those who do, but who have not been exposed to uncial texts) see the reality of the difference between the two readings at 1 Timothy 3:16, all of the “conspiracy theories” that especially KJV Only advocates, but, that others likewise throw out (like Islamic apologists) evaporate.
   Here is an example of the nomina sacra form of “God” as written by the scribe of Codex Alexandrinus. You will note from the preceding article linked above that at 1 Timothy 3:16 it is hard to tell which form is original, so this one is a good bit clearer.
   Here is omicron-sigma, hos, by the same hand. The point to be understood is that these would be the two forms at issue in the variant at 1 Timothy 3:16. Anyone can see their tremendous similarity, and hence all the “they took out the deity of Christ!” allegations are seen to be the wild-eyed fanaticism they truly are.

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