Alan Kurschner reviewed a KJV Only article yesterday, and the author (who wrote his first post without having listened to the entire debate, completed his review. The level of bias flies past the level of sheer bigotry, as seen in this amazing paragraph:

In fairness to Ehrman, even though I hate the work that he does, he has a higher standard for text that comes from God than White does. White acts like any of us should expect errors. I think it is White’s Calvinism—God wanted errors in the text because of the greater good there would be (something like that). The reason Ehrman, it seems, is willing to trust Tacitus more than the Bible, is because Tacitus doesn’t claim inspiration or preservation. The Bible does.

Well there you go! Remember that a few months ago I played clips from a KJV Only radio program and demonstrated that the KJV Onlyists hold Ehrman’s position, right along with the Muslims: “We need a variantless text, no matter what the realities of history are.” And here you see it again. Of course, one can only imagine what an encounter between one of these folks and Ehrman would look like, but that’s another issue.

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