It has been a little over three years since Dan Wallace and Bart Ehrman debated on the subject of the text of the New Testament in New Orleans. I was very thankful to have his exchange with Bart to listen to in preparation for my own debate with Ehrman. A second debate has now been scheduled for October 1, 2011. I am really looking forward to hearing this one as well. There are many aspects of Ehrman’s presentation that need to be challenged, and challenged strongly. I hope and pray Dan Wallace will bring those challenges out with great clarity, with the Lord’s help.

The debate sold out in a matter of days. So they have moved to a larger facility. If you are anywhere near the location of this debate, I’m sure you will find it to be most stimulating. I would love to go myself, but finances are finances. I do hope to get the chance to debate Bart Ehrman again in the future.

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