As most of you know, I am working now on the presentations I will be making next week in Florida, and, of course, primarily my opening presentation in the debate with Bart Ehrman. I have always wanted to do something more with Rylands 457 (P52) than just show it on the screen. So a few weeks ago I got an idea of what I wanted to have, and yesterday I managed to put it together. I’ve posted a video of the KeyNote slides below. It begins with an image of the fragment itself. The first transition gives you the rest of the text of John 18:31-33; next, the fragment disappears leaving just the text; next, the very same text as found 300 years later in Codex Alexandrinus; then it transitions into the modern printed text, then into the same text in modern digital format, then I bring the fragment back in to complete the circle. One text, transmitted faithfully for about 1,900 years. The Lord is good to His people.

   By the way, shortly after I uploaded this graphic, I got some help with my debate preparation. I think I will blame this little thing for any errors or omissions! Maybe a few scribes had a similar problem?

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