Don’t hold your breath for the invitation for me to be on Catholic Answers Live to discuss, oh, “Does John 6 Teach the Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist,” (I’d do it in a heartbeat), but today we had Tim Staples on the program for 90 minutes to debate 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 and the doctrine of purgatory. You are invited to take your Bible and listen carefully to our presentations and interaction, and ask yourself a simple question: who handled the text consistently, and who gave evidence of engaging in eisegesis? We took a number of calls in the last 20 minutes as well, with (mainly) good questions. I encourage Catholic Answers to make the debate mp3 available to their audience, I truly, truly do. Tim got enough “ra-ra” shots in at the end (Mr. White teaches silly myths, the constant teaching of the church for 2000 years, etc.) to keep their regular donors happy, but I am not concerned about them. I debate for those who will honestly consider the arguments carefully, not emotionally. Here’s the program.

And I would like to reiterate my willingness to not only debate a topic such as the one suggested above (and truly, wouldn’t the Catholic Answers audience enjoy such an exchange?), but any number of others. I would also invite Tim Staples to do what Michael Brown and I will do in the future: a full, formal, video taped debate. We have been attempting to get Mr. Staples to do that for many years now, but it seems that Catholic Answers has adopted a “no debating folks who know us that well” policy. Perhaps CA’s supporters might bring some pressure to bear upon them to start doing real apologetics again? Let’s hope so.


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