Obviously, it was not meant to be. A fairly heavy rainstorm came into Phoenix (we need it, and I love temperatures in the 50s!!!), and in the afternoon our phone lines began failing. Hence, no calls for the DL. I quickly tried to download some clips on the issue of Calvinism and God’s knowledge to play and respond to instead. But, the main one recorded blank, and as I tried to re-record it, my system began coming apart: sections of windows not displaying, etc. So I had to reset, and when I did, it all blew up. Found out later for some reason the soundcard is demanding that I not use an alternate set of drivers I have used without a problem for a long time, and hence I could not even access the microphone controls to turn it off, etc. It was a mess. So we just shut her down. That’s what happens. The folks in channel who started whining were a real encouragement, to be sure. Anyway, Lord willing, the phone lines will be back on Tuesday, and we can take another run at it.

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