Started with a few thoughts on the craziness of the world today and how difficult it is to remain focused with the rush of news, war, etc. Then I started responding to some more of the Pallmann/Hess review, trying to use both my Audio Notetaker program (which we have been fighting recently with sound issues) and Accordance. And though it worked well, toward the end I lost my place in moving from the laptop to the board and errantly moved to the wrong line, even circling a finite verb and calling it a participle (which was, I think, on the next line, or just below, in a very similar form). Had to back up and do some scrolling to get back to where we needed to be. My apologies for that. We are trying to find a way to get past the “you can only control on the laptop but not on the screen” issue, but having just installed a new program I can tell you—it did nothing. But, worth pressing forward.

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