Started off reading the following letter on the air, and inviting its Roman Catholic author to call in.

Dear Mr. White, I just want you to know that a professor of a major Catholic university has required all students to buy your book SCRIPTURE ALONE with the purpose of thrashing it to pieces. He is working in conjuction [sic] with Catholic Answers, the largest Catholic apologetics organization in the United States. He gives lectures taking your book piece by piece and explaining the illogical argumentation of it. He also has found blatant lies and stretching of truth. I’m compiling these into notes and I’ll be sending them to you in the future. I’ve read a good portion of your book, and I must say, I am truly amazed at how desperate Protestants are in their argumentation. Really amazed. I told the professor that the Catholic Church is so ABOVE your low-level, amature [sic] theology and argumentation that by doing this project we are validating your work. He responded by saying that we are doing the project not for him (you) but for the ignorant masses that he desperately needs to feed his family and insecure ego. Anyway… there you go.

I pointed out that my initial response to him was, “And who is this brilliant professor, and when would he like to debate in front of his classes? :-)” Unfortunately, the author never called.
Then we moved on to George Bryson’s anti-Calvinism talk to Calvary Chapel pastors from 2003, examining the mind-set that goes into this internal movement in the CCs.

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