A wide ranging, and very challenging, program today.  Started off with the comments of one of the former trustees of Brewton-Parker about his vote for Caner.  Still amazed at the self-inflicted deception down there.  Then moved on to directly (and hopefully graciously) address Shawn McCraney on one particular topic, that being what he said about the Athanasian Creed.  I took the time to walk through it, explain it, give its background, and more importantly, the necessity of its language in light of biblical revelation.  Then I moved on to review this video, playing it in its entirety, and then responding to it, hopefully providing a needed warning about the power that emotive presentations can have in the minds of our people and the absolute necessity of examining the presuppositions hidden in such materials.  [Update: I mused on the program whether the ultimate view of the video was that of universalism.  This article confirms that it is.]

Here is the YouTube link:


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