Two weeks away without doing any programs left me with quite a stack of things to get to, to be sure!  Started off with a quick report on my trip to Norway (complete with *Bjorn Storm approved Norwegian accent!), the G3 Conference (mega kudos to all the folks who worked so hard to put that on!), and my encounter with four LDS missionaries at Grace Fellowship Church on Sunday morning.  Then I moved on to all the amazing cultural news of the past two weeks, most of which said the same thing: Western secularism is in love with its own self-destruction. Comes with rebellion against God. Anyway, worked through a large number of topics and articles, and eventually got around to listening to two segments of Michael Brown’s interview with Kurt Eichenwald (and showing a picture of Michael’s incredible physical transformation over the past five months—congratulations and welcome to the “uber-fit old guys club!”).  Finished up the two hour long program with a discussion of the atonement and looking at the presentation Dr. David Allen gave at Liberty in, as I recall, 2013.

Here is the YouTube link:

*OK, not really.


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