What is a Mega Radio Free Geneva? It’s one that lasts for two hours! Yes indeed, three to five PM this afternoon. Why such a long RFG? Well, when you read a book endorsed by Paige Patterson, George Bryson, C. Gordon Olson, Tim LaHaye, Earl Radmacher, and Jerry Vines (there had been an endorsement earlier by that shining example of thought and exegesis, Joseph Chambers), that identifies you as a Scripture twisting cultist like the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons, well, you might just want to respond to it! And that is what I will be doing this afternoon. Yes, folks, we have a new contender for the “Worst Book by an Anti-Calvinistic Zealot” award, and it is by 32 year old Tucson youth pastor Micah Coate, A Cultish Side of Calvinism. Did you know James White changes the Bible just like Jehovah’s Witnesses have in the New World Translation? Did you know James White actually agreed in a debate that his “god” (no capitalization for Mr. Coate there) is “an evil potentate who causes sin and tyrannically damns people and for no good reason causes babies to be raped”? Did you know Mormons have their book, The Book of Mormon, and Calvinists have theirs, too, called The Institutes of the Christian Religion, that they take more seriously than the Bible itself? And can you believe that men like Paige Patterson actually endorsed this kind of drivel? Amazing indeed.

A Case Study in Blinding Theological Bigotry today on a Mega Sized (yet still low in calories and guaranteed to contain no saturated fats!) Radio Free Geneva!

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