Covered a wide variety of things yet again on the program today, so a little something for everyone. Started off with the new Roman Catholic apologetics book against Scripture titled, “The Obscurity of Scripture,” and talked a bit about the obscurity not of Scripture, but of Rome itself. We also spent some time reading through Schaff’s discussion of Pope Honorius. Then we moved over to the topic of my sermon from Sunday at Apologia and considered the suffocating application of external philosophical systems when it comes to the breadth and depth of divine revelation. Talked for a while about the upcoming Saddleback appeal with the SBC, and finished off with a quick review of the incredibly childish comments of the Lt. Governor of Minnesota. Also, don’t forget, if you would like to send in a note about how Alpha and Omega Ministries has impacted your life for our 40th Anniversary celebration, you can do so by sending them to!

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