Covered a ton of topics from Doug Stauffer’s claim that I changed the text of The King James Only Controversy because of his refutations (false), to the weaponization of medicine, the onset of vaccine mandates, and the rise of trans-humanism. Played some pretty creepy videos (well, Rich thought they were creepy). Talked about Leighton Flowers a bit, and Rich tells me a fellow in Twitter wrote to tell me that LF is not, actually, Southern Baptist, or, at least, works for a non-SBC entity, and hence could embrace Open Theism without a problem. I know years ago he was associated with Paige Patterson and Southwestern, but, things change. I still think he would be worried about the stigma still associated with the position, but maybe the attraction will get to him eventually. Anyway, lots of worldview analysis today on the program. Wrapped up with a few minutes in response to Sam Shamoun’s recent rant.


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