So many things to get to today, but since I planned it all out beforehand, somehow—we got to it all!  Started off necessarily commenting on the Hobby Lobby as well as World Vision stories.  Spent some time discussing 1 Cor 6:9-11 and the fact that no amount of public pressure and societal regulations can change the tense of the verb ἦτε in that text.  Such WERE some of you, not such ARE some of you.  Then we moved on to some more evidence of the utter incapacity of Ergun Caner to speak, or in this case, type, truthfully.  He recently responded to an email directing him to TurretinFan’s excellent collation of video and audio evidence relating to his claims with this email:

Videos edited by hyper Calvinists.

Videos uploaded by hyper Calvinists

Videos rejected by the rest of us.

Let me be clear- I reject your indictment and call you to repent for following liars and frauds.

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Of course, the first two lines are lies, as anyone can see.  Just an amazing example of the deception that Ergun Caner lives in each and every day.  Then we played some new material we’ve located from Caner wherein he again makes the claim that his father was a polygamist, and contrasted that with the “excuse sheet” still posted at Norman Geisler’s website, here.

Moved on to news in the Islamic apologetics realm, discussing the apostasy of Paul Bilal Williams and a very odd item he posted relating to the Qur’an and the Bible.

We finished off looking at New World Order Bible Versions and catching Pastor Anderson in numerous inconsistencies and errors and demonstrating that, once again, KJV Onlyism hamstrings its proponents from doing serious, meaningful apologetics.  [BTW: I did check and I was correct: the manuscript they show for 1 Timothy 3:16 is Codex Alexandrinus].

Here is the YouTube link:


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