Three major portions of today’s almost two hour program: first, reflections on the celebration of July 4th immediately after the Month of Prideful Rebellion. [I referenced the Apologia Radio continuation of their discussion of issues relating to Christian Nationalism, here is that episode]. Then, we review key statements made by Matthew Barrett, Todd Pruitt, and Carl Trueman on the last episode of the Mortification of Spin (where, I must say, spin was most definitely not mortified!). Finally, we worked through Dale Tuggy’s sophistic argument against the deity of Christ, exposing its many less-than-subtle category errors, insertion of unproven assumptions, etc., and then followed that up with a quick run-through of the identification of Jesus as YHWH in John 12:41, and a particular unitarian attempt to get around that problem for their false theology. Around 1:55 in length today!

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